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Welcome! I’m happy you’re here! 

My name is Stavit Budin, and I’ve been a dog trainer for the last 11 years. 

As soon as I finished my BA in Psychology and Education, I decided to make a dream come true and become a dog trainer.

I worked with dogs and their owners mostly on obedience, and had a great time training and helping owners better understand their 4-footed pack members. 

But then, everything changed! 

A few years ago, I participated in a dog training course that focused on the dogs’ natural instincts and drive. Back then, not many dog trainers were combining play and drive into their training with pet dogs in Israel. 

After the course, my whole vision shifted, and I found my true passion in training pet dogs. Play and drive became an important part of my everyday pet dog training – I combined solving behavior problems, energizing dogs both mentally and physically, and teaching owners how to play in a fun, understanding, and safe way with their dogs .

New language, fresh start 

After having the whole picture of creating a happy and balanced life for pet dogs and their owners, I saw my trainings were different, better, and more efficient. The dogs were calibrated and motivated. I kept learning, interning, and developing my pet dog focus and drive training, and as the years went by, I lectured and taught many clients and pet dog trainer students in different school in Israel. 

Did you know working with the dog’s natural instincts is an essential part of a dog’s life? 

Every dog, of any breed and at any age, needs to let his natural instincts free in order for him to feel happy and balanced. It’s as important for a dog’s daily life as water and food!

And then the plastic came along! 

About 3 years ago, 

I started playing with a doggy disc just for fun with my dog, Alexa, and we both fell in love almost immediately with the round plastic disc! Because I was the second professional Disc Dog woman in Israel, I felt I needed more feminine guidance. In winter 2018, I flew to the United States to intern with some of the best women who play professional Disc Dog in order to learn everything I could about this sport and bring the international knowledge back home. 

I interned and performed in venues and fairs all around the US, and even competed in world finals, where I won the prize of “favourite entertainer” in the super open division for freestyle!  

I’d love to hear from you! 

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