the art of playfulness

"Real love is how excited your dog is when you want to play with him"

There are more than different 400 dog breeds around the world. Breeds differ in size, look, purpose and behavior. Nevertheless, they all have something in common: they are all driven by the urge to hunt. 

It doesn’t matter that they live in modern houses, drive with us in cars, eat kibble, and walk around with leashes. Inside, they are the same wolves we domesticated many years ago: they are driven from day to night by their natural instincts. 

Even in today’s modern world, dogs think they live in the wild and they think like wild animals who struggle to survive. What’s the main goal if you want to survive? To hunt! 

What do they hunt in the modern world? Everything they can! It can be socks, sticks, toys, bones, shoes – anything that dogs can take in their mouth is considered prey! 

Prey drive, on any level, is natural to every dog in the world, especially when dogs detect movement! Have you ever seen or heard about dogs that chase bugs, cars, cats, motorcycles or even kids when they’re running around playing? Have you ever wondered why? You got it! Because of their natural prey drive! 

How can owners step into the picture? 

We don’t know what we don’t know.

But once we do, it’s hard to ignore it: dogs are natural hunters. In the modern world, they hunt toys. It’s a basic need for them, just like food, water and shelter. 

So how can we become better and more responsible owners? By playing with our dogs and providing for them happy, fulfiling lives! 

And how do we play with them? With some simple rules… 

Just like having rules in human sports keeps everything fun, safe and orderly, we have rules in playing with our dogs. When we play with our dogs, we need to understand the game’s natural laws and rules: how does the dog envision the toy? What drive is the best motivation for our dog? Why does he like to keep the toy to himself? How can we make him understand that playing with us is much more fun? 

Without understanding the rules, it would be like watching football players play a football game with a bat and a tennis ball. It just doesn’t make sense! 

Before you play with your dog, you need to know how! What’s a good play pattern? How can I make my dog play with me and not keep the “hunt” to himself? What’s the biggest motivation of my dog’s drive? And much more! 

If you want to learn everything there is about how to play with your dog, I will be happy to show you! Game’s on!